Sophie Edgar

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When Mr Bumble Came to Stay 

A story for children about a young girl and her experience of rescuing a friendly bumblebee whilst overcoming her own fear.  An educational and inspiring read for all who value nature and friendship. Illustrated by Loren Grosvenor. 

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The Magical Kite Ride
(Spring 2022)

A rhyming story that will let your child’s imagination soar and challenge their memory. Illustrated by renowned artist, Roger Davies.

Available to order Spring 2022


"I really like your book because I think it's really fun and I like the part where she helps loads of bees."

Eli age 6

"I think Mr Bumble is brilliant! 

I learnt that there are lots of different types of bees and we have to look after all of them."

Orla age 7

"I'm happy I know how to help bees now." 

Heidi age 5



"Mr Bumble is the perfect book to engage and inspire children whilst also subtly teaching them about the importance of bees. It is sure to create a buzz in the classroom!"

Year 2 Teacher 

"I can't wait to read When Mr Bumble Came to Stay with my daughter and my class. The illustrations really bring the story to life."

Mum & Year 1 Teacher 


About Sophie Edgar

Sophie's goal is to get everyone buzzing about books. She's a children's author, a mum, wife, educator, dog owner and children's magician.