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The Launch of The Magical Kite Ride 10.9.22

I am very excited to announce the date for the upcoming, in-person, launch of my next children's book, The Magical Kite Ride. This was the first book that I wrote after leaving my teaching job and deciding to pursue my dream of being a children's author. I wrote it during Lockdown when we spent our days walking around our local areas. It was a time that really made me appreciate what was on my doorstep.

The Magical Kite Ride is a book that celebrates Brighouse, Halifax and Huddersfield and features The Piece Hall, Castle Hill, Stoodley Pike Monument, and many of the businesses that can be found on Brighouse high street. I hope that the book can be enjoyed by all of the families that live in these towns and those families who are visiting. I always try and make my books entertaining and educational so I like to think of The Magical Kite Ride as a tour guide for families! Not only that, I also wanted it to be a book that could support children's memory development. As an experienced teacher and parent, I know how important it is to teach children how to use their memory and to exercise it like a muscle in the body. Whilst reading my book, I want children to try to remember who is on the kite and what they have with them. By the end of the story, there's quite a long list!

I hope you can join Roger Davies, the wonderful artist, now illustrator, and I on the 10th September. Remember to book your child's space for the story session as spaces are filling up fast!


Where would you go if you had a magical kite?

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