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Front Cover and Publisher Logo Reveal 6.6.21

It has been a very exciting week this week! First, we finalised our front cover for When Mr Bumble Came to Stay. There were a few finishing touches that Loren wanted to get absolutely right and we did not want to rush them. I am so happy with the finished front cover and I cannot wait to hold the actual book in my hands - not long now!

A super-talented crochet lady, known as @chubee_p, made me this really cute Mr Bumble to take on school, library and book shop visits with me. He is so soft and cuddly and I hope that Mr Bumble fans will love meeting him.

The weather has been so wonderful this week. The sunshine has cheered everyone up and there are flowers blooming everywhere. Lots of new flowers means lots of happy bees. I found this beauty below on a cosmos flower in my mum and dad's garden. With the help of @beevive, I have identified it as a female tree bee. It has a white tail and appears to have pollen baskets on its hind legs, which would suggest it is female as males don't collect pollen, just nectar. Due to Lockdown, we haven't been able to stay over at my parents' house since Christmas 2019. This has been incredibly difficult but made this visit so special as we could finally spend some quality time with them.

The final piece of exciting news I have to share is that Loren and I have finished designing our joint publishing logo. When we first made contact with each other, a year ago today, we never imagined that 12 months later we would be about to publish our first book together. When we started talking about our publisher name, we wanted something that was really special to both of us. The first piece of my writing that Loren ever read was a poem about my dog, Teddy. I soon found out that Loren had her own dog, Poppy. We are already planning a series of books about Teddy and Poppy so we decided that we would base our publisher name on our much-loved dogs: TEDDYPOPS PUBLISHING

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