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World Bee Day 20.5.21

Happy World Bee Day!

The PERFECT day for my SAVE OUR BEES #mrbumble t-shirt to arrive.

I've been very busy this week with preparations for the second Woodhouse Scarecrow Festival. Last year, when Lockdown began, my friend Tracy contacted me with an idea. She wondered if we could organise a Scarecrow Festival in our area that would cheer people up and give them something to look at on their daily walks. We set about planning and arranging it and ended up with over 80 houses taking part. The community spirit was AMAZING and the effort that everyone put into making the scarecrows was incredible.

The theme last year was Heroes, so we made a nurse, a dad trying to do the housework and his own work, while at the same time homeschooling his son. I wrote a poem about heroes not always wearing capes and thanked all of the key workers.

There were some fabulous Captain Sir Tom Moore scarecrows and many with a VE day theme, as we held it on the 75th anniversary of VE day.

After the success of last year, we wanted to continue to hold an annual Scarecrow Festival. This year, the theme is Celebrations. I have chosen to celebrate bees and the upcoming release of my first book. I thought I'd make some papier-mache bees. I have now learnt that papier-mache is not as fun as it was at primary school! After three layers of newspaper and glue over three days, I popped the balloons and as they shrivelled so did my bees. Thankfully, I found some large polystyrene balls and used them instead. The result may not be anatomically correct, but they look cute don't they?!

I've had some signs made and I'm in the process of making a beekeeper scarecrow. Keep an eye out for my next blog and I will show you the end result...

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